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When you want efficient and affordable solar panels installed in Houston, rely on us. We offer you our service guarantee.



There are various solar panel services in Houston, Texas, but none are as widely used as we are at Solar Panel Me and partners. If you want to be sure that you can receive the quality of service that you are paying to receive, rely on us for your solar panel service needs. It doesn’t matter how much work has to be done, we have the expertise needed to perform your installation. We offer residential and commercial solar panel installation services. The reason our services are preferred is because we know how business, and we prove it whenever you rely on us for your solar panel installation and service needs. Contact us for your no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

When it comes to providing you with affordable services, we always deliver. Most of our customers are surprise to see how much we can save them with the installation of solar panels. You will always get more than you bargained for when you allow our certified solar panel technicians at Solar Panel Installation Houston offer you the services that you want and need. We are qualified professionals with years of experience installing solar panels. Regardless of the extent of the project, we can handle it, as it is why we also offer commercial solar services. We have experienced professionals with the proven skills needed to effectively assist with your service needs.

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